Run Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 without Installing it!!!

IE7 Beta2

Well if you want to run IE7 without hurting IE6 installation, or more so you cant install IE7 on your PC for some reason, with no success as of yet. Then dont worry, here is the solution.
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Opera9 Beta 1 Released

Opera on Thursday released its first beta version of Opera 9.

The beta version includes many new features to the browser, including Widget, BitTorrent, Content Blocking (aka ad blocking), the ability to customize the integrated search engine field, Tab Thumbnail preview, site-specific preferences, and more. A complete list of changes for this release is available here.

Download Opera 9

If you are intrested in testing the weekly builds, catch them here.

Pepsi TV

Pepsi got Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra & Kareena Kapoor for their latest AD campaign on India’s Best TV Channel – Pepsi TV. It was a two part ad series, something they had successfully done earlier with Sachin Tendulkar & Shane Warn during the 2003 Cricket World Cup. This time around I did say they screwed up real big.

The First Part did an exceptionally good job at creating all the hype. My interest grew even more when Sprite made a spoof of it. Pepsi even made a spoof on Aishwarya Rai’s Coca Cola ad in support Pepsi TV hype. So I was really waiting for the second part, even had a few debates with friends & family members on whether it’s a channel or not (My opinion was always no).

Well then saw the part 2 of it a couple of days back and, so here’s what Pepsi TV is:

Watching TV while drinking Pepsi along, make’s it Pepsi TV. The best TV viewing experience ever.

At first was really shocked, confused, a bit surprised and none the less hugely disappointed. That was huge a reality check on what Pepsi was doing with a channel.

So what has Pepsi managed to do in the process. Well they managed to get a lot of eyeballs and raise the curiosity factor galore due to superstar presence and suspense factor, and maybe increased sales a little bit. But in the process of doing so they have not just made the worst campaigns ever but also made a big joke of themselves!!!

And if you wish to watch these crappy ads, here’s the link:

(Sorry no seprate links as it’s a flash based site. Also note that the second part of the Pepsi TV series start’s first.)