Review Google Talk (Unreleased Version)

Google Talk (About)The guys at Google are at it again, and are testing a new version of Google Talk. Last time I called it a leaked version and everyone was on me for that, so this time I am calling it Google Talk (Unreleased Version). You can download this version from here.

This one sports quite a few changes, and Google has also created a temporary What’s New Page for it. The new features and changes are:

  • Main Window now shows image icon for all users instead of only the online ones.
  • Notifications for Contacts coming Online.
  • Supports File Transfer.
  • Supports Voicemails.
  • Notifications for Voicemail.

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Me in Mumbai Mirror

My Blog Post featured in Mumbai Mirror Open your copy of Mumbai Mirror dated July 25, 2006 and go to page 31 and look at the Bloggers’ Park section. And Read, the first featured blog. Its my last blog post “Prince Rescued. What Big Deal!!!

OH and for all my Non-Mumbai readers (or for that matter who don’t get Mumbai Mirror) click on the image on the left to see a picture of the page (Sorry for the bad pic.) or you can visit the Mumbai Mirror Page.

I am very very very excited and happy about this, and hope you guys are too!!!

Prince Rescued. What big deal!!!

Prince RescueThe 6 year old boy “Prince” who was trapped in a 53 feet deep 1.5 feet wide shaft and was rescued after a two days of ordeal, by the India Army. A great rescue accomplished, and a salute to everyone involved in the rescue mission.

After all this I have one little problem, and it has nothing to do with the approach taken in the rescue effort. My problem is with The Great Indian 24×7 News Channels and especially the ones that fall in the Hindi News category and the one channel that stands out in the whole episode is Star News. It’s the approach taken by the media that bothed me.

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